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Buyout Value, Retro Appraisal and Expert Witness Testimony

Divorce appraisals are an important step in the divorce process where the value of the marital asset (real estate) is ascertained allowing the parties to come to an agreement regarding a buyout price.  Cullen Real Estate and Appraisal Company performs divorce appraisals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and will work with attorneys, mediators and individual parties alike.  We always remain fair and unbiased no matter which party we are working with.  If you are looking for a current value, or a retro value (as of the date of marriage), we can provide a report that is 100% defensible and suitable for court proceedings.  We also offer appraisals when preparing a prenuptial agreement.  Contentious divorces are no problem and Tom Cullen is qualified to give expert witness testimony in the most difficult cases. 

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